StartUp Lab Cohorts

Our technology-driven startUps work on-site with UNICEF programme specialists to gain valuable market knowledge, prototype their products, and test solutions on the ground.

Africa Goodnest

E-commerce platform to discover and buy quality products crafted by local African
talent and entrepreneurs.

Bace Technoologies

Digital identity software company enabling businesses to optimize their identity management platforms and KYC process using technologies such as facial recognition and AI.


Technology-driven educational company developing, manufacturing and deploying solutions for the effective learning of STEM, including the award-winning ‘Science Set’.


Environmentally-oriented, waste segregation and community engagement company mobilizing waste segregation through a mobile app.


Health tech startup working on digitizing the maternal & child health record book

Scribble Works

Educational publishing house developing tech-enabled solutions for schools, including tools based on Google Forms.

Trimester Save

Financial inclusion company developing tech-enabled hybrid health & finance solution focused on women in the reproductive ages, to empower all mothers


Waste management company providing e-waste education, collection, recycling, and upcycling solutions.


Healthcare platform providing access to medical advice and healthcare information to the general public through mobile devices.

Digital Health Access

Health education and consultation platform connecting users to a network of health professionals, service providers and impact-driven healthcare interventions.


Healthcare e-learning platform providing certified educational programs from globally recognized universities and institutions to hundreds of students looking for highly demanded job-ready skills.

Naa Sika

Electronic micro bank and savings platform that helps users save any amount for their future, built using intuitive tech.


Geolocalization company with its own digital addressing system allowing the receiver to navigate to an exact location using any standard map on their mobile phone.

Trotro Diaries

Community platform of commuters and travelers sharing their daily commuting or
traveling experiences, also used to disseminate public service information and messaging.


Edu-tech company developing a platform that connects students, tutors and institutions for the purpose of learning through the web and a mobile application.

Asa Nwura

Waste management company promoting digitization of a circular economy of municipal solid waste, using an incentive-based approach.


Waste management company leveraging mobile and SMS technology to make recycling services accessible to all.


SaaS education technology solution using AI to connect teachers and students, and to identify learners’ strengths and weaknesses.


Female centered support community providing sexual, reproductive and mental health services, committed to connecting, educating and empowering women.

Premier Waste

Waste management company leveraging mobile and SMS technology to make recycling services accessible to all.

Talents in Africa

Edu-tech company with a platform using test tools to help youth assess their skill
levels, provide resources to upskill for roles they seek and then match them to job opportunities.

Wings To Fly

Rural poverty alleviation company utilizing local raw materials and agricultural waste to produce standard soaps and household chemicals, employing marginalised rural women.

Akosua​ Osem Frimpong

Focus Area | Health​ Tech

Akosua is a software engineer who is passionate about the role women play in the digital world. She is in the process of creating Medoc, a web and mobile app platform that connects patients to professional medical practitioners and counselors with a special focus on the health needs of women (especially pregnant women) and children.

Albertine​ Visbeek

Focus Area | Lactation​ and Breastfeeding

Albertine is the founder of Leaf and a compassionate nurse with over ten years experience in paediatric, obstetric and tropical healthcare. As the first recognized lactation consultant in Ghana by theInternational Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners and being Sub-Saharans country coordinator for the same body, she identified a need for Mother & Childcare Consultancy in view of the gaps in child lactation, nutrition and well-being.
Bridging the gap, Leaf – a Mother and Child Care Consultancy program under the You & Ghana Foundation is focused on capacity building and enhancing lactation through the breastfeeding support kits and training to be rolled out across Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa. Improving breastfeeding rates, according to UNICEF and WHO could have a great social and economic impact.

Benjamin​ Addae Obeng

Focus Area | Mobility Devices(Bamboo) and Digital solutions for Rehabilitation & Inclusive Education

Benji is a Biomedical Engineer with 4 years of Clinical Engineering practice in both Government and Private Hospitals. He is the founder and CEO of Aleph Engineering, a Biomedical Engineering Company that provides Hardware and Software Products for enhancing HealthCare in the African Socio-Economic Context.
He produces mobility devices using eco-friendly, abundant and quality materials to aid in rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy and other mobility disorders. He is also the producer of the Aleph Engineering web application for digitizing HealthCare through online bookings of therapists, video consultation with doctors/specialists/therapists, virtual Multi-disciplinary team meetings and e-commerce of custom-made/generic rehabilitative devices. Inclusive is Patient Information Management Systems for Medical Facilities. His affordable tech products improve access to therapists and devices especially for middle to low-income populations.
He is the winner of the 2019 SDG Hackathon and also a member of the top 25 Ci2i innovators of the Next Einstein Forum (the largest gathering of Scientists on the African Continent).

Emmanuel​ Danso Yaw

Focus Area | Waste Management

Emmanuel is a visionary techpreneur on the mission of using technology to solve the issue of poor sanitation in Africa. He currently runs BD Waste, which is a cleantech startup that connects waste generators, aggregators, and recyclers through a mobile and USSD platform.

Fiifi​ Oduro-Nyarkoh

Focus Area | Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)

Fiifi is passionate about girls empowerment and believes empowering girls is a viable cure for poverty. He is the founder of Girls Without Barriers, a venture that uses human-centered design to create innovative solutions that improve the well-being of adolescent girls. Fiifi is currently working directly with adolescent girls to co-create a solution called Kittycara, a period tracking app integrated with an AI Chatbot that delivers real-time, safe and accurate information on menstrual hygiene management (MHM), sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and puberty advice by answering user questions and providing short, animated videos.

Hillary Widanama Adare

Focus Area | Agriculture – Drones/Crop Health

Hillary Widanama Adare is a Geomatic Engineer and Founder of the agribusiness, Wonfliki, focused on providing inputs and solutions on farms mainly through the use of drones.
By intersecting engineering and agriculture, Wonfliki stands as a brand that assesses spatial information of lands to provide seamless effort on farms for farmers, aggregators and agri-financial institutions.
They are dedicated to providing a service of high technical quality thanks to a multidisciplinary team who help fill in data gaps needed in crop metrics and monitoring, through constant innovation and development.

Joshua​ Ransford Quartey

Focus Area | Agriculture​ – Storage

Joshua is an Agripreneur with Rich experiences in the supply chain management of (FMCG’s), Fruit production, Plantation Management, Value addition and Business development.
As team lead for Coologi, he has a vision to contribute to a sustainable FoodValue chain by leveraging technology and green energy to develop solutions to the problem of Post Harvest Losses including the development of solar powered cold storage systems

Kelvin Ashie

Focus Area | Health​ Tech

Kelvin Ashie is a Technology entrepreneur who has experience in multiple sectors such as agribusiness, healthcare and financial services. Currently, Kelvin is a Cofounder and Chief Strategy Officer of Health Direct Global. Kelvin is in charge of Communication, Product Development and Strategy where he integrates product management with core strategic business goals. Health Direct Global provides a multi-sided platform that allows users to have on-demand access to healthcare through a network of health service providers and also a financially inclusive platform that allows users to save and spend towards their healthcare needs.

Randy​ Caiquo

Focus Area | Crowdfunding​ for Health And Education

Crowdfrica is an online fundraising platform for health and education support in Ghana, with goals of expanding to the full African continent. Crowdfrica launches specialty campaigns, highlighting the health and education needs of real people and families – raising the funds necessary to support lifesaving services and supporting patients through their full cycle of care.

Richard​ Acheampong

Focus Area | Corruption/Accountability/Governance

Richard has over eight years of experience in professional management, strategic planning, and consulting. He is a technology enthusiast seeking to create social change through the use of technology. Action against Corruption and Bureaucratic Inefficiency (ACBI) focuses on the use of technology to generate data and centralizing citizens in the fight against corruption. The scope of his startup has expanded into leveraging the same model to improve social accountability and improving citizen participation in governance.

Teddy​ Accorley

Focus Area | Health​ Tech/HIV

Teddy is a healthcare entrepreneur, passionate about artificial intelligence research and digital health. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Studies. He is currently trying to leverage cutting edge technology to solve some of Africa’s most challenging healthcare problems. To achieve this, he is establishing Aid.dr, a platform that leverages USSD and mobile application services to support medication delivery and telemedicine services to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH).
He is the winner of the 2019 SDG Hackathon and also a member of the top 25 Ci2i innovators of the Next Einstein Forum (the largest gathering of Scientists on the African Continent).

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